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A good business partner shares your vision and enthusiasm, bringing expertise in the areas in which you are inexperienced. It's someone who understands the legal and financial responsibilities endemic to sharing a business. Most importantly, it's someone with whom you get along.

We quickly knew we found a credible and honest business partner to work with.” Said by Hunter David, the CEO of WL Hardware Company. "3-Colors moulding was originally a partnership between two lifelong friends andbusiness partners ."

3-Colors' Advantages

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1. Good communication: all staffs speak English

.2. Professional Design: excellent design concept

3. We do detail front-end analysis for every new project

4. Project following:  timetable , mould trial report

5. Quality controlling, based on ISO 9001:2000 .

6. Safety Transport system ,insurance ,lower cost, fast

7. Voluntary Optimization:  save more time and cost for you

8. Keep all customer’s data in safety

Product Gallery Online slide show to our products

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3-Color's Services Our value added service help in your business

3-colours havs a branch office in Shenzhen, China. Our core business manufacturing injection moulds, aluminum mould and parts, rapid parts. We manufactures moulds for many industries including medical, automotive, electronic sectors.

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